Clear and clean face of a man after using men's skin care tools

Discover Skincare For Men Only by SYR

SYR (pronunced Sir) revolutionizes the way modern men approach their unique aesthetic. SYR is a men’s only brand featuring patented skincare products, modern skin + beard tools and branded spa services.

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Shirtless man inspecting his face in a full body mirror after using men's grooming kit


Cytokinins are a class of plant growth factors which have been widely studied for their beneficial activity in plants and are well known for delaying senescence (AGING) of leaves and now have similar beneficial effects on human skin cells. Super Kinetin is an advanced cytokinin used in all our formulations.

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Finally a MEN’S skin care line that is actually effective! SYR is more than just great packaging, it is backed up by science. I recommend all my male patients to use SYR cleanser and moisturizer to help and balance their skin.

— Jenny Love

My fiancé loooves these products! Best birthday gift I ever got him.

— Thays Barao