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Are you tired of dealing with unwanted hair? Say goodbye to shaving and waxing and hello to the At Home Laser Barber. With our IPL hair removal device, you can achieve long-term hair reduction with noticeable results in just 4 weeks.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) hair reduction is a safe, non-invasive treatment that reduces the number of regrowing hairs all at the comfort of your own home. You will no longer have to deal with unsightly red bumps and ingrown hairs from using your razor.
The IPL hair removal system adopts the same clinically-proven IPL tech used by dermatologists and beauty salons, so that everyone can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin

    *Note: It is not suited for Fitzpatrick Skin Types 5 & 6 (Dark Skin)

    Whats Included:

    • IPL Handset
    • Universal Plug
    • User Guide

    IPL hair removal has 5 adjustable energy levels and 2 different modes, manual and automatic.

    Customize your exclusive energy level according your hair color and skin tone.

    Manual mode is used for sensitive areas, like Neck Lines (4 mins), Beard Shape (5 mins).

    Automatic modes is suitable for lager areas, like Arms, Stomach, and Back (8 mins)

    It is recommended to start the test at the lowest strength and gradually increase the energy according to the adaptability of the individual skin.


    Step 1: Shave the treatment area.

    Step 2: Place the device onto the skin ensuring full contact.

    Step 3: Place on the supplied goggles.

    Step 4: Select either the Power, Gentle or Speed mode.

    Step 4: Use the Glide Mode and move the device continuously over the treatment area.

    Step 5: Use the Stamp Mode to treat smaller areas such as the underarms.

    Step 6: Apply Skincare foir Men only by SYR moisturiser after your treatment.

    Cleaning + Care

    This is plug-in device, not for battery charging.

    Please follow the included Hair Removal Plan for proper hair removal.

    The product has passed strict inspection and fully meets various export standards.


    Is it safe to use?

    Professional IPL treatments have already existed for 25 years and our technology is derived from the same used in professional salons. We have adapted the know-how and your handset will utilise clinical-grade technology that is certified for safe hair removal at home. There have been numerous clinical studies conducted that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of IPL for hair removal. 

    It is suitable for all but the darkest skin tones. Refer to the skin tone chart below to see whether or not IPL is suitable for you.

    Does it hurt?

    One of the many advantages of our Handset over other types of laser is that it is pain-free. Most customers explain the feeling as a warm sensation on the skin.

    Is it permanent?

    Our IPL Machine offers extremely long-lasting results and it's permanent for the hair that has been treated. However, it's important to note our bodies are capable of producing brand new hair cells over time, so the maintenance type treatment might need to be repeated every 6-12 months. The same goes for laser treatment in clinics.

    Is it safe to use it over freckles or moles?

    No, you should not IPL over very dark freckles or moles, although light freckles are okay.

    Can I use it over TATTOOS?

    No, you should not IPL over tattoos, although going around tattoos is fine.

    Does it have a battery?

    This is an advanced version of IPL producing 500,000 flashes. There is no battery that can effectively sustain this level of output for continuous use, therefore the device needs to be connected to the power supply whilst in use.

    How long will it take before I start seeing results?

    Most users start to see a reduction of hair in just 3-5 treatments using our handset, with complete results after 8-12 weekly treatments. However, results can vary from person to person.

    How often do I need to use it?

    We recommend using your handset once or twice a week for the first 8 weeks. After this period we recommend using your handset twice a month, for 2 months or until satisfied. If you would like to maintain hairless, smooth skin, we recommend using your handset once every 2 to 6 months, or as needed.

    Do I have to shave before using the product?

    Yes, we recommend shaving the areas you wish to target before using your handset.

    Which hair removal methods can I use between treatments?

    Between your treatments, you should only shave when required. We recommend never waxing, plucking, or epilating as these hair removal methods remove the entire root, which is what absorbs our handset's light during the treatment.

    Can I use this product before or after tanning?

    If you had an intense tanning session recently, we must recommend waiting 2 weeks before using your handset. Please also wait at least 48 hours to tan after using your handset. Artificial tan should also not be on your skin whilst using your handset.

    At Home Laser Barber For Men only by SYR

    At Home Laser Barber