What is a Cytokinin and How does it help me?

Cytokinins are a class of plant growth factors which have been widely studied for their beneficial activity in plants and are well known for delaying senescence (AGING) of leaves and now have similar beneficial effects on human skin cells. Super Kinetin is an advanced cytokinin used in all our formulations.

Studies show Cytokinin activity greatly benefits skin 

  1. Delays the destruction of the fibroblast – Cytokinins keep fibroblasts healthy and active so they continue to produce more collagen and elastin 
  2. Significantly increases mitochondrial activity – Cytokinins increase in production of cellular bioenergy ensures skin’s vitality 
  3. Demonstrates antioxidant / anti-ROS activity – Cytokinins remove harmful free radicals that may be contributing to the visible signs of aging 
  4. Prevents reversion of actin patterns – Cytokinins help maintain cell structure and integrity 
  5. Delays the senescence of cells by removing cellular debris – Cytokinins help remove age-dependent cellular debris, a characteristic of aging cells and difficult to remove

New, rapid-acting cytokinin Super Kinetin Krem

  • Rapid onset of action - results seen in just 2 weeks
    Super Kinetin Krem”’ outperforms first generation cytokinins with a significant reduction in facial redness and roughness within days

Cytokinin Super Kinetin Krem™ designed to outperform Kinetin