Hana Rukaj 


Hana Rukaj is the brains and beauty behind SYR, a revolutionary SkinTech company transforming the way men approach their unique aesthetic. With patented skincare and grooming tools, SYR provides men with the best possible care for their skin - no compromises.

What inspired Hana to create a mens lifestyle brand and skincare line formulated specifically for men? Her two decades of accomplishments in the spa, beauty and fitness industries - as well as experience in developing products and services for the medical spa space.

In other words: she knows her stuff. And she's not afraid to put it all out there - with wit, style and unrivaled passion for helping guys look (and feel) their best

Frank J. Massino

ADVISOR + veteran of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and skin care industry

Mr. Massino has been instrumental in the development and success of several leading dermatological products to include Renova®, the only FDA approved anti-aging topical therapeutic to date; Temovate® (clobetasol proprionate), the world leading selling high potency corticosteroid and Kinerase®, which became the best selling non-prescription anti-aging product in dermatologist offices in North America.  He holds several patents on cytokinins which are derived from plants and have been incorporated in multiple skin care products and are currently being evaluated for other therapeutic indications such as cancer.  In addition, Mr. Massino developed and holds the patent on the Epipen® training device. He is an active member of the Licensing Executive Society and has completed over 60 licensing and product acquisitions deals. 

Bob Ellis


Bob Ellis is a legendary American music manager who worked with Billy Preston, Rolling Stones, George Harrison of the Beatles, Eric Clapton & Chaka Khan, Diana Ross who he also married and has three children with. He has since developed a top rated marketing company.


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