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Is It Safe to Wax the Inside of My Nose and Ears?

Nose and Ear Wax for Men


If you're a guy who's into personal grooming, you've probably considered waxing the hair inside your nose and ears. After all, it's not exactly the most appealing look to have hair poking out of your nostrils or ears. But is it safe to wax these areas? Let's take a look.

First, a little background on how waxing works. When you apply wax to your skin, it adheres to the hair follicles and pulls them out when you remove the wax. This can be a painful process, especially if you're sensitive to pain (like many men are). In addition, if you're not careful, you can easily end up with wax in your eyes, which is extremely painful.

So, is it safe to wax the inside of your nose and ears? The answer is no for the inside of your nose but yes for the outside of your ear. The reason for this is that the inside of your nose is lined with delicate tissue that can be easily damaged by waxing and susceptible to infection. Nose hairs are a natural air filter. As you breathe through your nostrils, the hair in your nose blocks and collects dust, pollen and other particles that could make their way to your lung. 

Plucking or waxing the hairs in your nostrils can lead to ingrown hairs and infections - nasal vestibulitis.

The outside of your ear, on the other hand, has much tougher skin and can handle the waxing process just fine. 

If you're considering waxing we recommend that you see a professional who can do it safely and without causing any damage. Otherwise, you're better off just using a good old-fashioned razor or trimmer. 

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